Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can l arm and disarm the alarm from outside my front door?

A: Yes by using the simple key fob operation.

Q: How many key fobs can be used with the alarm?

A: A maximum of 4 key fobs can be used with the alarm.

Q: Will house pets set the alarm off?

A: No pets movements and even dogs barking will not activate the alarm.

Q: l live in a ground floor flat with one flat above me and one to the side of me, would your alarm work in this type of location?

A: Yes the alarm would work in this environment.

Q: Can l leave a window slightly open using this alarm?

A: There is no problem leaving a window slightly open.

Q: How long will the alarm sound for when it is activated?

A: The alarm will sound continuously for 5 minutes then automatically re-arms itself.

Q: Will it be activated with the cat flap or letter box?

A: No the alarm will not be activated.

Q: Will the house unit also cover the garage?

A: yes as long as there is an integral door.

Q: Does the Sonis Compact need to be wired in or professionally installed?

A: No this system can be installed within 30 seconds.

Q: Would a radio activate the alarm?

A: No everyday noises will not activate the alarm.